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Welcome to Royal Junior College
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Our College Students
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Our College Silver Jublee Function
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Silver Jublee Function
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Featured model: Talasani Srinivas Yadav
Welcome to Royal Junior College

Our Vision : To equip students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities to realize their full potential and thus shape them into future leaders, entrepreneurs and above all good human beings. To have a Student centered environment in which the intellectual, cultural, social, physical and recreational needs of students are met. Our Mission : To sincerely serve the cause of education and the educational needs of the common man of this city. Emphasis on high standards of academic, professional and societal performance. Respond in a creative manner to a continuously changing society. Support cultural and ethnic diversity in the college. To give valued services in the field of education Development & Usage of efficient tools for better delivery, connectivity and dissemination of information & content by application of modern technology. Make these tools available to educational enterprises worldwide

Royal Junior College

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